DARK TRACKS x Fucking Young

Publish on Fucking Young

This is a story of one-night stand. This day it is easy to find one-night
stand but it is hard to find what you want during the one-night
stand. There must be something lost after someone orgasm. After
that, everyone will try to find what they lost during the game of one-night
stand and lost again. A new day has come over night again.
Maybe no one lost things of your mind, just remained animal
instinct of human.

Director | Chien-Wen Lin
Cinematographer | Mel Hsieh & Michael Ortiz 
Assistant | Runxi Wang, Ray Ting & Hannah Xu
Soundtrack | Aloïs Yang
Stylist | Bei Kuo
Fashion | Shun Lee
Makeup Artist | Dillon Pena (Wilhelmina Image Board NY)
Hair Stylist | Diana Payton
Actors | Liam (Request NYC) & Gustavo (Fusion NYC)
Studio | White Balance Studios

Copyright © 2015 Chien-Wen Lin