Love Does not Exist

Social media apps are popular with smart phone through everyone’s life. Social media apps create a world which is eazy to have a date with people or find a relationship. It is too convenient to know people who does not exist in my life before I use it. Does “LOVE” exist in the social media or not ? I’m very curious about the phenomena of contemporary life.

Director - Chien-Wen Lin
Film Editor - Ray Ting / Chien-Wen Lin
Designer / Stylist - Bei Kuo
Model - Mel Hsieh / Joanna Przytula
MakeUp - Johnathan Wu
MakeUp Assistant - Chun Ye
Assistants - Takju Kwon / Runxi Wang / Vijchika Udomsrianan
Music - "Angel" from "Inc." album “No World"
Production - School of Visual Art MPS Fashion Photography

Copyright © 2014 Chien-Wen Lin